AG Fatshark Dominator Module Doors (LaForge and stock)

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Replacement printed module doors for the Fatshark Dominator series of FPV Goggles.  Includes:

- doors for the "LaForge rx5808" Pro and Diversity modules.

- OEM doors (for people who want to add customization or just want a fun printed alternative)

The Laforge Doors A and B were designed before the announcment of "Batch2". Basically the shipment from UBAD starting from May 2016 is called "Batch2".

Please choose the right DoorA to print. Batch2 doors are designed with "B2" and comes in two options.

Stealth is for people who want to mod their goggles and hide everything. Stock is for people who want to install it the way it is most safe for the goggles.

DoorB works on both released batches.


UPDATE June 8th 2016 :New shorter doorA

new shorter versions of the DoorA have been uploaded (all variations included). Some people have been having a hard time fitting doorA. By design it was meant to be a tight fit... but it can be offset even greater depending on your printing settings and filament choice. the "SHORTER" stls will provide a safer print alternative, but will have a slightly looser click-in. If you printed the original versions and was fine with the fit, you don't need to reprint to the SHORTER version.

From now on, all future DoorA will be released in the SHORTER version only since it's more universal.

UPDATE :New doorA for external module mounting

A new file has been uploaded for Batch1 diversity module owners who want their module mounted with tape on the exterior side of the door. "DoorA Stock" provides a flat platform to safely mount your module as originally designed and intended. Modding the goggles for internal wiring and mounting can result to great damage to your goggles.

Design Files

File Size

AG_LaForge_DoorA Stock SHORTER.stl
2.19 MB
2.26 MB
AG_LaForge_DoorA_B2 Stock SHORTER.stl
4.55 MB
AG_LaForge_DoorA_B2 Stealth SHORTER.stl
2.39 MB
AG_LaForge_DoorA_B2 Stock NOhole SHORTER.stl
4.54 MB
AG_LaForge_DoorA noAVhole SHORTER.stl
2.36 MB
AG_LaForge_DoorA SHORTER.stl
2.27 MB
6.88 MB
AG_LaForge_DoorB_smaller window.stl
6.82 MB
6.89 MB
AG_LaForge_DoorA B2 Stealth.stl
2.49 MB
AG_LaForge_DoorA B2 Stock.stl
4.65 MB
2.35 MB
2.47 MB
6.83 MB
2.35 MB
2.63 MB


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