Anki OverDrive race track Rail system

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A friend asked me to make some rails for his Anki OverDrive car racing tracks.

I may as well share this. 

It takes 3 rails per track module.


Layer: 0.2mm

Supports: No

Infill: 20%

-CLIP: 116mm filament / 4min / ~0.03$ 

-Streight rail: 2367mm filament / 29min / ~0.37$ 

-Curved rail: 2535mm filament / 35min / ~0.39$ Enjoy

Design Files

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Rail Droit_V2.stl
37.8 KB
Rail Clip3.stl
22.7 KB
Rail Courbe_V2.stl
82.9 KB
Rail Courbe_INT.stl
233 KB


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