Impact Driver Bit holder - Double bit holder

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Finalement used: 1018mm (~0.15$) PLA

Print time: 16min

Layer: 0.2mm

Supports: Yes

Infill: 20%

I had to file the material a tiny bit but i got it just the right pressure to hold bits.

You can buy a single bit holder from DeWalt but they sell it 20$ and it's a single bit holder. Why not make our own. ;-)

VERSION 2: After using it quite a lot. the plastic worn down and the bits would slip out. I upgraded the design by adding 2 tabs to fit with the bit lock groove. When installing it, I put a peace of dense foam under the tabs to help with the spring. (See picture)

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DEWALT Bit holder.stl
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DEWALT Bit holder_V2.stl
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