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SummaryThis Christmas ornament design has a story behind it. When I was five or six years old I made an ornament for my mother. Recently I became aware that Mom has been putting that ornament on her tree for over forty years and it has become a family heirloom. My sister calls it "The Ugly Ball" as a joke, so now I am making a series of ornaments called Ugly Balls to celebrate the legacy. This object has been printed.InstructionsThe .scad file is parameterized so you can modify the design by changing the variables at the top of the file. Or you may wish to start with the scad file and modify it to make a different thing. Also this thing is designed so that you can stuff a few holiday lights from a string of lights into it and it will project the light in a disco ball type of effect. If you do this, please let us all know how well it works in the comments, thanks. Enjoy!

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