Thrombic Aorta

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SummaryCreated by a Hindu god to guard treasure, the Thrombic Aorta is a difficult creature to engage in dungeon battles, most notably for it's capacity to conjure others of its kind into the fight. It hits for up to 9d4, 1d4 per flailing arm. Also it spews fiery blood that does both fire and poison damage of 1d10 each. Every turn. Also it is rumored to have a significant amount of hit points. In the given size it prints out in filament to a ring tree on which a person can put finger rings for safe keeping. Smaller and especially printed in metal at Shapeways it can be a dungion monster in roleplay gaming, and larger on a large format printer it can be a thing to put glassware on for drying. Beautiful at any size, print your Thrombic Aorta today! Or see me to have it elegantly printed in various materials for a modest fee at Shapeways. LesPrint SettingsPrinter Brand: PrintrbotPrinter: Simple BlackRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 250 micron (0.250 millimeter)Infill: only where needed was sufficient, saves a lot of print time too! Hexagonal 30%Notes: Arms will be slightly textured underneath if not cooled properly, print two at a time may help that. I printed it full size and that was the only defect plus it's quite minor. Can tweak it out with print speed adjustments as well.

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