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SummaryPrint this working Gear Toy to teach gear theory and operation to your kids, yourself, or really anyone of any age who is interested in gears. You'll also find it irresistible to spin the gears around and around as a desktop curio. One of these Gear Toy 1's ended up in the hands of my one year old niece, Ava. It turns out to be one of little Ava's favorite toys! She even took the big gear to her bed for nite-nite once. Just the thought of this puts a tear in my eye - you can bet Ava is going to get plenty of 3D printed gear sets from uncle Les as time passes. Note: files fully revised and tested, now optimized for rapid print time and fits on a six inch bed! Les InstructionsBy default the OpenSCAD file generates a printable "plate" consisting of three parts: the base and two gears. These are spaced closely and rotated in such a way as to minimize print bed area. Use the part variable if the plate is too big for your printer. The included STL file fits on a 6"x6" bed such as that of a PrintrBot Simple Metal. Endjoy!

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