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SummaryThis double chambered bong has a steampunk design to it, looking like a piece of factory equipment. It prints in pieces and is designed to accept standard acrylic bong hardware. You'll need an extra long metal down tube with screw on-bowl and two rubber grommets - one for the bowl and one for the mouth straw. The down tube length is required to extend the smoke delivery all the way down to the bottom chamber where a diffuser accepts it, and also to raise the heat above the plastic. I created this design using the primitives within the game of Second Life and my friend exported it for me. There is also a version in-world that I have not exported which combines the top section with the mouth straw for stability purposes, I can export and upload that upon request. InstructionsPrint each piece separately and assemble with the bong parts and 16 4-40 screws with bunny ears nuts. The bong disassembles nicely for cleaning. You can get every corner and crevice cleaned well once it is disassembled. p.s. Oh gosh, someone messaged me and said it's tiny! I scaled it to one meter in second life equals one inch in real life because this was done back in February and at the time I didn't know that 3D printers use millimeters as their unit. So... just scale this object by 24.5 and you'll be good to go. I'll try to find time to scale the originals. Ah, good news. I Imported one part of this bong into the MakerBot Desktop software and a pop-up menu said that the object seemed to be designed for inches, would I like to scale it up to millimeters. I clicked affirmative and the part appeared the correct size. So no problem!

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