Apple TV Remote Bumper (Ninjaflex)

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SummaryAfraid of dropping your Apple TV remote and shattering the glass? 3D Printing to the rescue! You can 3D print this simple bumper for your remote and stop worrying about dropping it or it flying out of your hands when gaming. This features openings for the IR sensor and charging port. Also, add a lanyard to the corner for extra security. This bumper is designed for Ninajflex (or other flexible) filament, so DO NOT try printing it in hard plastic like PLA or ABS. Because of the rubber, it's actually grippy and feels great in your hands, so no more slipping! Want to modify the design to make it your own? Download the archive and use it in your favorite CAD modeling program! Designed in Autodesk Fusion 360 Wanna get some Ninjaflex filament? Check out the Adafruit shop!

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