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In this project, we'll show you how to 3D Print a Yoyo and light it up with NeoPixel LEDs using Adafruit Circuit Playground! This project is a derivative of Morgan Stewart's Circuit Playground Yoyo (Watch her demo it on Adafruit's Show & Tell). In this remix, we'll encase a single Circuit Playground board and a lipo battery in 3D printed parts to make a yoyo. The NeoPixel LEDs can shine through the cover, making cool glowy effects. Most of the yoyo parts are 3D printed, and no hardware (machine screws, hex nuts, etc) are required. They feature threads that allow the pieces to be twisted together.

Check out the full tutorial:

Watch on YouTube: 

Download Fusion 360 Source:

Get Circuit Playground:

Morgan Stewart's Circuit Playground Yoyo:

Demo on Adafruit Show & Tell:

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