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SummaryMy wife like to collect the Holiday Barbie dolls and some other special ones as well. She does not want to keep them in the box because she would rather see them displayed like they should be, out of the box, where you can touch them. Well I guess that over the last few years they no longer come with a display stand. So she has several dolls that she cannot put out. Until now. I took one of the stands and did a reverse engineered version and made it fairly simple in order to print fast as possible. Looking at the "bump" that I have for the stand support to lock into I would think that it could be improved to be shorter thus reducing the height of the foot rests and/or shortening the support to then reduce the foot rests. No matter, I have printed out what I need for now and will probably make improvements when the next round of Barbies invades the house at Christmas. I hope someone will have a need for this and I designed it in Sketchup so let me know if you are interested in the model file.Print SettingsPrinter: Monoprice Maker SelectRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: NoResolution: .1Infill: 15% on the base & 15% on the supportNotes: I used Hatchbox Orange PLA with a nozzle temp of 195C and bed temperature of 55C and painter's tape.How I Designed ThisSupport Stand in SketchupSupport Stand in Sketchup

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