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On March 27, 2014, the Faire Play Kickstarter reached its fundraising goals with a fortnight to spare. As a thank you to our backers and media enablers, I've created the Faire Play Recurve Bow and Quiver. This bow is sculpted from organic, locally-sourced vertices, filtered and purified from the droppings of only the mimsiest free-range borogoves, and it'll fire a 6" cosmetic swab across a room with dismissive ease. It's a two-piece print, so a little glue will be required before use. If Faire Play can reach its modest new stretch goal, I'll be re-sculpting the bow into a single-piece Shapeways print so that anyone can make their dolls deadly at range with a couple of clicks. One more time, huge thanks to everyone who has supported this project so far.

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