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Kryptonian iPhone 6 case, super slim, super cool, super easy to print. Designed with the same kryptonian weaving found on Kal-El's super suit, this design is fit for a real super hero! There are 2 versions: Single piece and multi color piece. (Oh Man this paragraph contains 6 times the word 'super')

This case was designed using my iPhone 6 Slim Case model. This model is accuratelly measured and modeled on a parametric CAD program using Apple's official specs and guidelines , tolerances and model integrity were taken into account, as any profesionally designed product should be.

For PLA it fits the iPhone 6 out of the printer (FDM). For ABS you may need to adjust for plastic shrinkage (FDM).

I am not liable for any harm done to yours or somebody else's iPhone.

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