open rc f1 camaro body concept kit.


Camaro Z28 hard body concept kit .

This is  an entire new body kit.(takes place of the  Open R/C F1 body) .

I also added a set of performance tires for wet pavement .

And a set of race tires for dry pavement.

And another set of directional rain race tires for wet track racing.

I miss the IROC Race SeriesHistory of IROC Racing 

So I decided to design this body kit to bring the Camaro back to the track..

The (3) body parts bolt together with (8) M3 nuts and screws.

The body then bolts directly to the frame with --(7) m3  nuts and screws.

The body is big so I had to cut it down to 3 pieces to fit tightly in my duplicator i3. 

This was the longest and hardest project I ever did so far..  I hope you like it... 

The drawing of the camaro was created by.Tavis Highlander. 

 He drew up this IROC fifth-gen a few years ago,and he gave us a little taste

of what the series’ cars might have looked like if the series was still going today



layer height -- 0.20

supports -- yes


Recommend -- ninjaflex

Layer height 0.25

speed-- 25 mm/s

infill 15% triangular

temp 220

retraction 1.00

retract speed 0.20

supports-- no

Design Files

File Size

performance tire.stl
12.2 MB
final front.stl
6.15 MB
final rear.stl
2.84 MB
final center.stl
22.4 MB
performance tire mirrored.stl
2.19 MB
Race tire mirrored.stl
1.3 MB
Race tire.stl
7.31 MB
rain race directional tire mirrored.stl
2.23 MB
rain race directional tire.stl
12.4 MB


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