Tri - Spinner V3 (new concept)

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Hi! Thanks for your visit (;

I designed the new tri-spinner. In this time, it's very nice balanced, thanks to new construction. Easy to print, easy to assembly. Without supports, with small infill (I used 15%).

For assembly I used:

  • 1 pcs, full ceramic bearing (awesome!!!) with sizes 8x22x7 (like this)
  • 3 pcs, any bearing with sizes 9x26x8 (like this)

What to print:

  • 2 pcs, main parts are "spinner3_base_(x2).STL"
  • 2 pcs, caps for hold "spinner3_cap_(x2).STL"
  • 3 pcs, not necessary, but helpful "spinner3_pin_(x3).STL" for lock main parts

A couple videos

Support me

If you want to get cashbacks from aliexpress and a few others shops, I recommend check this (; This is referral link, it will support me and make me able to design something new.

Thank you big! (=

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