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SummaryThis was designed to go onto a Lobo Mill. It produces a fine mist to spray onto the tool to provide cooling. It doesn't show up well, but there is a mist there. A server fan pushes air into the chamber that pushes mist up the tube to the nozzle. I built a small 24VAC and 12VDC power supply (black box) to power the setup. I bought a $4.80 (ship including) mist maker from ebay. It cost the same to get it with no lights, white LEDS and multi-colour ones, so I got the multi-coloured ones. The tube is common for coolant, but I couldn't find a cheap supplier. Apparently they are used for spark plug wire covers, so I bought one for $1.50. The jar was a jar I found. Satisfaction is at ~5/10. I may redo this project, but I do question if it is really worth it. I do not know how critical the coolant is, or if flood coolant will work better. I have not seen a big difference in the cutting properties. I am also not seeing as much mist as I would like.

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