Cyclone Dust Collector for Shark Vacuum

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SummaryA cyclone for a Shark Vacuum 1.75"OD flexible hose. When I was using my Lobo Mill, I was producing too many wood chips for the Shark to handle. The cyclone separates the dust as needed and deposits it into a tub at the bottom. I will be making a mount for the Lobo Mill end in the near future.InstructionsMade in Autodesk Inventor. Modified and edited in Blender and HeeksCAD. The parts stack on top of each other for easy cleaning and fixing. A 1.75" OD vacuum hose is screwed into the inlet port. There are 3 veins inside in a conical helix to direct dust downwards. Also, I made a small mistake on the one shown. The cap that holds the vacuum hose is reversed in the .stl files to what is shown in the picture. I corrected it, but I am not up to printing it off again.

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