Oh NO! Cosmos and Chaos have informed me that I have released too many Happy Faces into the universe and that I must redress the balance. Hence I have created "Evil Happy Face". To make extra sure it's working, I've given him a "power radiation" base to sit in.

Let's hope it works:-) Because this is it - no more Happy Faces:-P

Files are provided for single and dual extrusion. Application should be fairly obvious. Only thing I will add is that if you are printing power_radiation_base.stl on a single extrusion setup, then you will need to look at your sliced model to work out where the "bands" start and pause your print and swap out the filament.

WARNING: My dual extrusion system is in bits at the moment, so those files have not been tested.

Print Settings

Printer Brand: RepRap

Printer: Prusa i3

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.05

Infill: 75%


Good idea to use a skirt for the eyes if printing separately for single extrusion set up.

Design Files

File Size

3.8 MB
1.19 MB
1.55 MB
1.19 MB
1.19 MB
1.65 MB


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