Super Mario Bros World 1-1

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Please watch this video for more information: This is the entire first level of Super Mario Bros for the NES. I modeled it in Tinkercad at a scale of 1 pixel = 1mm. I printed them at 0.3mm layer height with 10% infill on my Robo 3D R1. Then my wife painted them by spraying primer on them, airbrushing the base coat, and then painting the details on with simple acrylic paint. I included the basic tiles so you can pretty much create any level you want that uses these tiles. But I've grouped the tiles for easy printing of World 1-1 specifically. And if you want to print that level, the quantities are listed below. Quantities: Question Block: 6 Breakable Block: 2 Breakable x2: 2 Breakable x4: 1 Breakable x10: 1 10x Ground Tile: 18 5x Ground Tile: 2 Small Up Ramp: 1 Small Up Ramp2: 1 Small Down Ramp: 2 Big Up Ramp: 1 Flag Pole: 1 Castle: 1 1B-2Q-1B: 1 2B-1Q-1B: 1 1B-1Q-1B-1Q-1B: 1 1B-1Q-1B: 1 3B-1Q: 1 Small Pipe: 3 Medium Pipe: 1 Big Pipe: 2 Goomba: 16 Mario: 1 I hope you enjoy this!

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small down ramp.stl
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pipe medium.stl
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large ramp.stl
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ground tile.stl
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breakable tile.stl
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ground x5.stl
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ground x10.stl
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pipe large.stl
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pipe small.stl
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question tile.stl
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ramp tile.stl
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small up ramp.stl
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small up ramp2.stl
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