3 1/2 inch (89mm) to 65mm CNC Spindle adapter sleeve

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SummaryAn adapter to allow you to mount your 65mm spindle in a 3.5 (3 1/2, or 89mm) inch router mount (Bosch, Makita DeWalt, Ryobi, Draper). Skirt is part of the STL - for better adhesion and less warp.InstructionsUses 3x 45mm M3 cap head screws to tighten. The part is 80mm tall. PLA, 2mm perimeter and around 30% infill works great - light and strong. 0.2mm layer height means you'll have 3 skirt layers (it's 0.6mm). The skirt should snap off easily. Print 5-10 degrees hotter than usual just to maximise inter-layer adhesion, as tightening the screws really stresses the layers. The skirt is 0.6mm, and is part of the overall height so it's not a raft.

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