Adjustable lighting stand spigot light bulb holder

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SummaryThis hinge/mount allows you to attach a standard ligh bulb pendant to the common and cheap light stand spigot. This is probably the cheapest way to build basic studio lighting!InstructionsI printed mine using PLA, No supports necessary, Around 2mm wall, 0-50% infill. Will work with no infill, just make sure walls are strong enough. Using cheap £10 ebay light stands like such: and lightbulb holders like this: The collar unscrews, allowing you to push it through the mount ring, then tightens et voila! I used this cable, which is incredibly good value (UK retailer): The threaded rod is 6mm (M6). You can use threaded rod and cut it down like I have, or a 60mm+screw and nut. The holes are 6.2mm I believe, to allow for some shrinkage. The other 6mm hole can be used to attach something else, or you can mount the light bulb holder to the spigot mount using it, so you can adjust the tilt tension independently from the tension on the spigot. There is also a clip for a cable - but you might need to modify this to fit your cable.

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