Bowden extruder sponge-mount vibration dampener for NEMA 17


SummaryThis mount uses 2 household kitchen sponges folded 90* to tightly hold the body of a NEMA 17 stepper motor-based extruder, such like the Airtripper V3. The sponges squeeze in between the inside of the mount and the body of the motor - the gap is 8mm. If you're feeding your bowden extruder with serious amps (especially if you have one of the longer-bodied NEMA 17's) you'll notice crazy vibrations coming from the motor, which if hard-mounted to the chassis of your printer can make theee most annoying sound in the known universe. You can't use the rubber mounting-face couplers with these extruders for obvious reasons, and using rubber standoffs can be a tricky trial & error process with the likelyhood that you won't find soft enough rubber. I was really surprised at the noise reduction this simple ghetto solution provides. In my case, a guess of about 80% less noise, I can barely hear it now.Instructions1.6mm+ perimeter, 25%+ infill, mild cooling. Skirt is built-in for better adhesion and is part of the height, it's not a raft. The excess will snap off. The 2 holes are 5mm (M5) It's possible that the vibrations will walk the motor out of the mount if it's not angled, so either loop a couple of elastic bands around it to keep it in or mount it a few degrees from horizontal so gravity will help keep it in.

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