Anti-vibration suspension mount for Bowden extruders (Nema 17)

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Summary This is another mount idea for a NEMA 17 stepper motor-based extruder, such like the Airtripper V3. My old design worked well for a while but used common kitchen sponges and they went hard over time and the vibrations started coming back. This mount uses the idea of suspension, just like high end studio mic holders. I'm using these silicone "Bottle holders", but any kind of stretchy loop will work, as long as it doesn't lose it's elasticity over time. It works really well to kill extruder sound - check out the result in the video! UPDATE: V2: Made the cage square - so it can be used standing upright or mounted on it's side. Adjusted the mounting flange to allow another mounting position Print Settings Printer: Creatornator Supports: Doesn't Matter Resolution: Any Infill: Any Notes: This prints very easily in PLA. It shouldn't need any support being printed on it's side - as long as your printer can do a basic bridge.

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