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Summary Anyone interested in the work of Daniel Noreé has probably not missed the fact that he soon will release the files for his latest project - OpenR/C Formula 1. The F1 car can be printed in PLA and is designed so that everybody will be able to print and build it without any hassle. Even a ball bearing kit is now available for the car :- ) I happen to know that Daniel is extremely close to a release of the awesome F1 car and I obviously had to create some tires for that project. So if you plan to print the F1-car when it´s released here is the possibility to be prepared with some new tires in the pit stop already now. I created some rain tires for the original rims but I also designed a set of low profile rim/tires just for fun. The low profile tires feature a new snap-on design that will secure the tire using a triangular shape that´s interconnecting the parts. Also the tires are not sealed with this design, making them a bit softer since the air is not trapped inside. Also check This snap-on design is also available for tires/rims that can be used with the OpenR/C Touring Car or similar RC cars naturally. Download the Touring rims here: and the tires here: Enjoy! Follow me on Instagram and/or twitter: For more info regarding release of the F1 car and also the other Open-RC project head over in this direction: For OpenR/C Formula 1 print-files (after release) go here: For my designs check out &

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