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During a colonisation of a new planet, or setting up a new temporary base somewhere, a versatile workforce is always useful and necesary.

Since the makertron planet was destroyed these goals are the most important because, without a factory or a lab, the new makertron population couldn’t grow in a acceptable level. The new “Logistibot” unit is especially developed for support constructions, manage the resources, and collecting samples for the makertron scientists if it's necesary. They have a strong and reliable limb system that is extremely helpful during construction work or moving heavy objects from “A” to “B”. The rough outlook is confusing, because they are the right hand of the scientists, also quite popular among the society because of their personality. 

Design Files

File Size

MT-LB01 shin left-right.STL
420 KB
MT-LB01 head unit.STL
651 KB
MT-LB01 foot left-right.STL
560 KB
Face good 2 respirator.STL
585 KB
MT-LB01 thigh left.STL
532 KB
MT-LB01 shoulder left.STL
534 KB
MT-LB01 service port cover.STL
618 KB
MT-LB01 respirator left.STL
148 KB
MT-LB01 hand left-right.STL
1.14 MB
21.7 MB
MT-LB01 antenna left.STL
141 KB
MT-LB01 antenna right.STL
141 KB
MT-LB01 forearm left.STL
544 KB
MT-LB01 forearm right.STL
547 KB
MT-LB01 neck.STL
318 KB
MT-LB01 respirator right.STL
148 KB
MT-LB01 shoulder right.STL
535 KB
MT-LB01 thigh right.STL
535 KB


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