1/10 RC Supercharger (or bigger or smaller :) )

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It's a simple dummy root type supercharger, that can make your loved toy much more outstanding.

You can cut through your chassis and fix the supercharger with a support from below, (that is that I did) or simply just fix on the top of the bonnet of your RC with some kind of glue/tape/screw. . .etc. (double side tape is quite practical. I use this to prevent the damage of the chassis during fall over)

My print resolution was 0.2 with slow speed. on 250 degree celsius. But I suppose the 230 would be much more enough, with my ABS. (next time ;-) )

Design Files

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bigger blower assem 2 - belt driven shaft-1.STL
119 KB
bigger blower assem 2 - Blower intake 2-1.STL
160 KB
bigger blower assem 2 - root Supercharger bottom2-1.STL
1.68 MB


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