Maker Tron - P01

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I'm trying to design this robot as a more flexable to explode different plants and collect samples from there.

His legs are triangular shape with wheels so that he can move and reach anywhere Also, he can extend its height so that it can reach some higher place to explode

His arms has 5 degree of freedom which gives him a full range of movement with precision to touch and contact with environment He has a claw with 3 fingers and a air gun which gives him ability to collect samples or blow out dust while exploding the plants

Design Files

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MakerTron-P02 - MT-shaft-4-1.STL
16.3 KB
MakerTron-P02 - MT-shaft-3-2.STL
21 KB
MakerTron-P02 - MT-head-1.STL
67.3 KB
MakerTron-P02 - MT-leg-link_V2-1.STL
62.5 KB
MakerTron-P02 - MT-leg-link_V2-2.STL
62.5 KB
MakerTron-P02 - MT-shaft-1-1.STL
21.1 KB
MakerTron-P02 - MT-shaft-2-2.STL
26.2 KB
MakerTron-P02 - MT-arm_V2_L-1.STL
731 KB
MakerTron-P02 - MT-shaft-3-1.STL
21 KB
MakerTron-P02 - MT-arm_V2-1.STL
731 KB
MakerTron-P02 - MT-foot_V2-1.STL
275 KB
MakerTron-P02 - MT-foot_V2-2.STL
275 KB
MakerTron-P02 - MT-shaft-2-1.STL
26.2 KB


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