Maker Tron - Organic Interface

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::ERROR::          MAKERTRON_REBUILD_INITIATIVE.failure ... Insufficient resources...      //Initiating Search... >>Planets >>Proximity ::close:: >>Alternate ::Build Platforms:: ::Resources:: //Searching... //Searching... //Searching... //Done.. ..Possible alternative discovered.. ::Recalculating procedure:: //Done.. MAKERTRON_ORGANIC_INTERFACE_INITIATIVE.commence       ::END LOG::

After several attempts to rebuild the MakerTron population all currently available resources have depleted.  In order for our population to continue to grow,  we must look to near by planets for an alternate solution.  We have devised the MAKERTRON_ORGANIC_INTERFACE_INITIATIVE as our solution..

Lower lifeforms of near by planets will be harvested allowing us to integrate into a new sub-organic MakerTron race.  Using these methods,  we can continue to rebuild until a more suitable alternative is procured...

I hope you enjoy my designs for the MakerTron contest!  This was designed in combination with Zbrush (sorry if its a bit crude.  This is my first attempt with zbrush!)  and SketchUp.  I wanted my designs to be unique from other uploads, so i decided to go with a more organic approach to the contest.  I'll be completing other parts and uploading them within the week!  I'm still fairly new to 3D Printing so any comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!

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