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The MakerTron Scout is a scout troop equipped with several color and thermal cameras allowing him to better monitor his surroundings. He has articulated joints for enhanced mobility and quick recon jobs. He possesses a high power radio communications link, which enables him to report back to his home base without having to make a return trip. Lastly, MT Scout's wrists are detachable, which is to allow for different toolings or defense mechanisms, equipping him to be perfectly suited to any mission. This is a work in progress! I'm still working on the legs, neck, and some other things like pins for the joints, etcetera. I AM A COMPLETE NOOB TO THIS PROCESS! So feel free to critique and comment as you see fit, but please, be nice about it. :) Recommended Print Settings: (As I don't have a lot of experience printing, or a 3D printer, these settings are suggestions at best) Smaller Pieces: Shells: 2 Infill: 20-50% (wide range, I know, but what can I say?) Larger Pieces: Shells: 2-3 Infill: 10-30% This is my first go at character design, much less for a 3D printed action figure, so let me know what you think! If somebody wants to print it, I would love to know how it turns out; if you do print it and you run into any hiccups with the model, make sure to let me know! I want to make sure it's easy to print. Suggestions? Please leave them in the comments below. Thanks for looking!

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