Bowdenhotend holder for Prusa i3 x-carriage

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Summary Another thing comming out of playing around with DSM ( I indeed started to love this application for 3d printing. The carrier is meant to fit the default length x-carriage of prusa i3 ( which i DIDN'T design myself. The great work of prusa i3 parts go to Joseph Prusa, well known in RepRap community. The two parts are designed airtight. If you have problems with fit-in-place parts you may consider using XY-compensation option of Slic3r or setup fake bigger nozzle diameter in your slicer (or you simply file down the parts slightly). It holds two cheap 8$ Chinahotends firmly and also can carry 2 fans. One 22mm Fan for hotend cooling and one 65mm (CPU) cooler for print cooling. Sliced well with CraftWare, Slic3r and RepetierHost->curaengine. Printed without support at .2mm layer --Update 2015-04-25: I increase the size of the front holes to fit M3 nuts. Also i modeled some supports and moved the hotend cooler 4mm lower. Now its even more easy to print and assemble. --Update 2015-06-20: I changed many diameters and spare places. Now it sits much better and is slightly more easy to assemble. However i can't upload new files right now, will come later. An preview of the finished thing is in the gallery. --Update 2015-08-08: Just uploaded the finished version. Any tolerances and spaced got tweaked many times. Now it carries an 40mm fan instead of the smaller one and it works simply great for me! The only update i might do is apply it to the carriage of the prusa i3 rework parts but that will be uploaded as a different thing.

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