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Summary Bismarck battleship That will be an 1 metre long, bluetooth controlled model of the Bismarck battleship by german naval forces in 1939. What are the planned features? 1 metre length ✔ good printabillity at least one artillery should be turnable and "shoot" water bluetooth control with android smartphone easy to build electronics cheap as possible   print it once in a while? These are just bad weeks for this challenges, printer broke car broke son ill and so on because of that, the work on this project has been stopped untill i get my printer up and running again. Until yesterday i still had some hope to get the project done right on time for the MakeItFloat challenge. What is finished so far? waterpump hull (printable, internal support) not printable but modeled the upper part (bridge, artillery and so on) without the cranes ToDo easy electronics to rebuild at home overall control with HC-05 (or alikes) bluetooth SPP + ATMega write simple software for Android and ATMega or Arduino motor control with simple MOSFET H-Bridge ✔ paddel control with cheap servo motor upload layout, schematics for electronics (PCB) write Android and ATMega/Arduino code (sadly the most easy part for me) model carrier for electronics, motors and some kind of airsoft BB bearing for the turning artillery make bridge (upper part) printable write tutorials/HowTo's (compile app for Android, compile ATMega code, build electronics with single ATMega or Arduino, tricks to get the print up and running) that's it so far. Since i've spend about 50 hours in my printer since last week and still wont get it to print reliably and anything else i could imagine breaks as well i can't tell when i will keep on this project. For anyone interested in, i uploaded my project files as well. I wish any other competitor best luck! One additional note The parts for the waterpump are in the rsdoc files. I created many iterations depending on the power of your motor. Actually you need about 5,000+ rpm and the more torque you have, the bigger the lower part can be.

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