St. Basil's Cathedral


Remember to LAY FLAT and ON PLATFORM when printing. Use the highest resolution on your printer, and scale the size to as large as possible for best results. I had it printed from Marko's Hub in 3D hubs, with a Prusa i3 Einstein. St. Basil's Cathedral is a famous church in Moscow, Russia. Although I have never visited myself, I encountered it during a school project. Just looking at its mighty presence captivates you for a few seconds, because it is so bold and beautiful. The building has a very unique design that is the shape of a bonfire flame. I thought it would be a creative entry foe this contest because the building is so outstanding but not as well known, and when printed it pushes the limits of modern 3D printing to create something breath taking.The model I have uploaded is highly detailed and captures the essence of the Cathedral, and I hope you enjoy it. Designing this model proved to be extremely difficult. When I first sent the model for 3D printing, Marko's hub pointed out there were many errors. The first model I used was an open source file sketchup warehouse, (and that skethup model was from google Earth), but it had many flaws. I had to erase most of the models exterior and fix those pieces, but there was always problems being pointed out when I run it through Netfabb basic. Eventually the arches were removed, and also a lot of the internal geometry so the design is now solid. There were also invisible vertical structures inside the building obstructing the print, and those where a nightmare to remove. Although I failed when making this design many times, I still persevered to reach this stage. The final draft had one or two issues that hub fixed, and now you can have a realistic replica of the St. Basil's Cathedral in your home. Enjoy! Please leave a comment, about how the print went for you. Thanks!

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