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Note - the picture is of the same statue not sliced. The head is fixed now!!!! thanks Joao please print an post a picture  Note: Please LAY FLAT when printing, AND USE SUPPORTS. The ideal size for the model is the size uploaded, or 20% smaller. Please read instructions on how to assemble. Check out all the pics! The amazing Statue of Liberty from New York! Amaze friends, family, teachers, and even pets with this awesome replica. 

 Summary: The Statue of Liberty was an incredibly complex project for a young amateur like me. I used google maps and earth files, and also a replica of a statue of liberty that I have. However, my little replica was missing an arm that broke off, so the scan was not complete. I spent long hours combining many scans and drawing parts of the model to reach the final product, but the print would fail as one piece. After lots of dedication to cleaning up the stl file and then slicing the model into stable pieces, I came up with an incredible detailed, realistic and awesome model of the statue of liberty. Enjoy. Read on to learn more! 

THE STRUCTURE : The statue of liberty is an extraordinary structure that I visited a few years back. It is an internationally famous landmarks, which can take people's breath away. Since I began learning how to 3D print in school, I always have had a dream of making the statue of liberty. It is incredible complex and time consuming because of all the folds and intricate details, but thats what makes it so outstanding. It would not have been possible without multiple 3d Scans. THE PROBLEM : How should I make it? I tried drawing the structure with freehand, but that failed. Instead, I used a google earth model and multiple scans of a Statue of Liberty replica I have to make one ultra realistic model. No more problems right?.... but of course there was one big problem... there are objects hanging of the statue over thin air, such as the hand! Solution : After many failed attempts of trying to remove the hands and print them separately, I realized that I could slice the model. I am still an amateur, and I had never heard about slicing before, but after a few tries, I came up with this present model. It is very stable with a flat bottom but STILL REQUIRES SUPPORTS for the suspended objects such as the book. Read the instructions and print for best results.

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