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This easy to print cable chain measures 32mm X 40mm externally with 19mm X 11.5mm clearance internally.  This fully enclosed design is intended for for bigger jobs like CNC routers, or where mounting sideways over open space is desired.  


This part will work when printed using PLA, but for easy assembly, my materials of choice are PET or ABS.  My CNC router required a lot of chain so make the prints faster I printed at 250 micron layer height in ABS.  If your nozzle will support it, I recommend printing at anywhere between 200 and 300 micron to ensure strong layer bonding.


For chains printed out of ABS or PET you should have no issues simply snapping the links together.  

For chains printed from PLA, I recommend gently warming each pair of links with a hair dryer prior to assembly to ensure that there is enough flexibility to snap the pieces together easily without breaking links or scraping fingers. 


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