Standard Cieling Rail Fixtures

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These are mounts for standard ceiling tile rails. No more duct tape or paperclips for hanging things in your office or dorm! They are great for hanging signs, hobby projects, directions and more! No supports and even no infill. Print settings: 0.3mm, 0% infill,and no supports.

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All stl stl Parts/cardHolder.stl
49.7 KB
All stl stl Parts/hook.stl
135 KB
All stl stl Parts/chainLink1.75.stl
38.4 KB
All stl stl Parts/chainStart1.75.stl
54 KB
All stl stl Parts/chainStart3.0.stl
102 KB
All stl stl Parts/chainWallStart1.75.stl
57.7 KB
All stl stl Parts/chainWallStart3.0.stl
67.7 KB
All stl stl Parts/chainLink3.0.stl
35.2 KB
All stl stl Parts/smallZiptie.stl
74.5 KB
All stl stl Parts/standardZiptie.stl
72.3 KB
All stl stl Parts/cardHolder45.stl
50.5 KB


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