As famine struck the dark forests of Jotunheim, Wolf-Eater scaled the impossible cliffs of Ymir's Brow, descending into the lowlands of Midgard and sating his hunger on the tribes of men. I wanted to make a proper Norse dragon. I really liked the idea of an antlered forest wyrm with vestigial wings adapted to climbing giant trees. Currently using this guy as the center of an RPG storyline. He's scaled to 15mm (making him rather massive) so he can be used with my Pocket-Tactics models, but he'd make a good dragon for heroic scale (25-30mm gaming) as well.


Printed in multiple parts and assembled with superglue. Wouldn't advise printing this guy with a raft or as a full model, though I included it all the same just incase you're feeling brave. If you do print one with supports, let me know how it goes!

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