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iPhone 5/5s dock
Pin iphone dock
Small 10572217 741132135945799 6481538677899740643 o Avatar small Lon McClure
iPhone 5/5s dock
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Webcam Blocker
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Bassnectar pendant
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Halo/Tron Inspired Ring

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Avatar small By Jeff Collins on Jan 12 2018

As I am new to 3D printing I found this printer to be easy to use and fun to use as well. Software is great and the cost is well worth the price. The customer service is great too. Solved my problem fast and was back printing. Have printed about 20 things and each one came out great! Easy to use the library on the site or download from Pinshape and printed from there as well. For a beginner I would highly recommend the MOD-t. Lots of fun!

Avatar small By highlander56 on Jan 21 2018
Great value

Was able to obtain a MOD-T from New Matter as a refurb. They were running a post Christmas special, as they were out of the normal units.

Could not argue with the price. $99 and FREE shipping. 

Ordered a second one just because.....$99!

Very easy to use this printer. Did have one filament clog, but with New Matter's support, was able to get that cleared and have been printing away.

Avatar small By Max Hampton on Jan 22 2018
A Great 3D Printer for Beginners

The Mod-T 3D printer is easy to setup and use. This is my first 3D printer so I don't have anything to compare the quality to, but so far I don't have any complaints in that department. I would definitely recommend it for beginners. The manufacturers software requires you to be connected to their website to print, but there is other software you can download to be able to print offline. 

Avatar small By Joseph Sencey on Jan 23 2018
Good for a beginner.

Bought this for 100 bucks refurbished. Great unit to learn on. 

Avatar small By kimbowman on Jan 29 2018
Modt for schools

Our school bought this printer as a first 3D printer. It works right out of the box, no setup or manual calibration required. As we learn more about 3D printing, I would probably buy a higher-end device, but this one is a great starting place.

Avatar small By Diana Brooks on Mar 21 2018
Great Introductory Printer

I purchased this  printer for $99 and fell in love.  It printed right out of the box. I bought it for use in my classroom and it was affordable.  The customer service was great and timely.  I was really sad when the company announced it was closing shop.  This was a great idea and should have been supported.  Teachers can't really afford things like this.  I have used it for evidence of evolution and genetics.  Students come in and request special print jobs.  At this cost, I can say Yes to every request.  I even printed out a device to attach smart phones to microscopes.  Students now can take pictures of their cells and other things.  The machine has little hiccups along the way but for the price, it is not bad.

Small jamesbillerprofessionalheadshot 2 By jamesbiller on Apr 16 2018
Great printer for the price

For the price point I bought it at it was beyond worth it. Great introductory printer, it's a shame they went out of business. I had few problems with builds shifting but after I used lock-bars I did not have the problem.

Avatar small By Stop motion vids 123 on May 05 2018
it work good and it is a great printer to start of with!

prints smooth quick and fast 

Avatar small By Cliffy on Jan 17 2019
The company closed!

It was great! Then it broke. Then I couldn't get a hold of them for a while. Then the store closed.

Avatar small By BarnicalBoy on Apr 20 2020
Not worth, no software from the creator.

New matter didn't leave behind the software needed for the use of there printers, leaving them to become bricks and a desk ornaments. It does look nice with a slick look but for practical use it's not worth.

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