Rigidbot dual cooling fan mount

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A dual fan mount for a stock Rigidbot. Independent ducts blow on the nozzle tips to avoid heater block temperature fluctuations. Requires no additional hardware to mount the ducts. Clears the bed by 2 mm and does not touch the rails.


This is an original design. Modeling software used was trueSpace 6. The Source STL file will import directly into tS with the scene units in inches and the object units in mm. The Cura STL file is pre-scaled and oriented for printing.

Printing this will require support material to be turned on for best results. I printed this with a 0.1 mm layer resolution. It should print in under 6 hours. This resolution results in a very nice snug fit over the extruder mounting plate.

Only the one hex screw needs to be removed and will counter sink back into the hole to lock the fan mount in place.

Design Files

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Cooling Ducts Source.stl
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Cooling Ducts Cura Scaled.stl
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