DICE x carriage adapted to OpenBuilds mini v wheel plate


[3/1/2017] Update: Revise "X_Carriage_hotendhalter_magnetischV4.stl" and "X_Carriage_hotendhalter_base_magnetischV3.stl" adjusted tolerance and making magnet harder to push in. Once in, friction will hold the magnet good. Added 3rd magnet that will hold bottom portion to screw to eliminate unintended "wiggly" at bottom portion. 

[2/26/2017] Update: Revise "X_Carriage_hotendhalter_magnetisch_V3.stl" and "X_Carriage_hotendhalter_base_magnetisch_V2.stl" adjusted tolerance and making it easier to disconnect from magnet

[2/9/2017] Update: change the M4 nut insert from bottom to maintain the original DICE look smooth top finish. Added blow up rendering picture.

[2/8/2017] Update: change the brass insert nut to regular M4 nut. Added Opensource logo above DICE

This work is based on original work by Rene Jurack. More info about DICE 3D printer and its BOM  http://well-engineered.net/


- E3D V6

- (3) M5x8 to attach to Openbuild mini v wheel plate

- (5) 5mm x 10mm round permanent magnet

- [(2) regular M4 nut insert] as of 2/9/2017 superseeded with "X_Carriage_hotendhalter_magnetischV2.stl" this version use (2) M4 nut inserterted from bottom 

- (2) M4x20

- OpenBuilds mini v wheel plate http://openbuildspartstore.com...

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