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Hello, This is a project problably too geeky for some of you ! A series of supports/plinths for the vintage Kenner figures. Collectors know that : these figures do not stand very well. Here is a solution. I have designed five models: 1 support in "Death Star" style entitled "Starship". 1 support that looks like a ground (foliage, snow, sand ...) entitled "Rebels". 1 support in Tie Fighter wings style entitled "Empire". 1 neutral support. 1 neutral larger support for some big figures. Under the support, I propose to put a sticker identifying the figure with the episode title. (PNG file attached in the thingivers photos). IMPORTANT : If you want to change the size of the support, enlarge or reduce it but not the small part that enters the feet of the figure. It is modelized at the exact size to enter in the hole of the feet without forcing too much. Can be printed without raft or support. 10% full is enough. Good collection... with style! Thank you.

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