"Amiga" Ball - Printable bicolor ball with a single-head printer

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Hello Amiga fans ! (But maybe I am the only one here...) This is a new geeky realization : the famous red and white ball from the "Amiga Boing Demo" by Robert J. Mical (1984) (an original screen capture is present in the photos). I designed it to be printed with a single head printer. You can build it with NO GLUE like a small puzzle! Printing is simple, you just have to print all the parts two time in white and in red. (The center parts can be printed just one time but in the two different colors). If you are not a fan of Amiga, you can of course print the parts of the ball with different colors ;-) As it is a "precision" work, the printer must be properly adjusted so that the pieces stacks correctly in the end! If your printer is not very precise, I recommend to print the ball at 120% (1.2) of its size for greater accuracy during building. (On the pictures, the balls are at 100 and 120%). All parts can be printed without support except the No. 6 (amiga_ball_part06.stl) that is particularly difficult to print properly without support. (It's possible by rotating it at 180° but the result is not guaranteed ...) Amiga forever ! Thank you.

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