MAX HEADROOM for LP (33t) and desktop (NO GLUE)

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Summary If you're also fan of Max Headroom, that's an object for you. Designed to fit on a shelf or on your turntable, he looks so great with his sunglasses! This Max Headroom can spin his head and his Ray-ban are removable. I have designed this bust from this page: A truly fascinating paper that allowed me to see Max Headroom from several angles ! (Not so easy on videos...) To recreate the character, I made the first sketch on MakeHuman (a free software), then I have all resculpted him on Blender. The puzzle is quite easy to mount so I don't explain how to do it. If you have the right colors of PLA, your Max Headroom can be multicolored or you can print him in a single color. The parts are resistant except the glasses, very fragile. Be careful when you will bend the arms, be very gentle! Lots of work on this model but there are still many imperfections. I shall do some corrections but not now... holidays are off ! Have fun with Max ! Thanks. UPDATE : a new part is available, the tuxedo in short version. It's a special part for certain turntable with a large headshell. If you print Max for your desktop or for decoration, this part is not usefull. If you want to use Max on a turntable with a large headshell, this special part can be preferable to read some 45rpm.

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