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This quick and easy print allows you to easily mount your iPad to a wall.  To ensure easy viewability when laying down, or for mounting high and away from workbench dangers, it incorporates a slightly  angled design.  This also makes insertion and removal very easy when wall mounted.  The single centered mounting point allows for more permanent mounting with a screw, or for use as an "iPad hanger" on a pegboard hook or a small nail. 


This piece is 100% printable without supports and works well whether printing with PLA, ABS, PET or Nylon.  I do not recommend printing with Carbon fiber or metal infused filaments as this may scratch your iPad when inserting or removing.  I do recommend printing at 200 or 250 micron layer height to ensure strong layer bonding.  For PET, be sure to slow down your print speed slightly to ensure effective layer bonding.


This iPad hanger is designed to be mounted using a single screw.  The hole is sized to work with drywall or decking screws, but will work with any screw that has a head large enough to not pass freely through the mount hole will work.  Be sure to use anchors if you are mounting into drywall without getting a purchase on a wood backer.  For easy mobility, you can also use the hole as a hanging point using a small nail or even on pegboard hooks.

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