CAM-Source 3D: Formlabs resin tank storage rack

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If you own a Form1/ Form1+ then you likely have multiple resin tanks for the various resins you print with. Even though they can be stacked, getting to a tank at the middle or bottom of a stack of 5 or so tanks, could be made easier.

This is why we created our Resin Tank Storage for the Form1/ Form1+ owners. This Resin Tank Storage was designed to be 3D printed on a relatively typical sized 3D printer, yet large enough and robust enough to be trustworthy of tending to your precious 3D printing resins while they’re not inside of your printer. The Storage system can store up to 5 resin tanks, while making sure that the shelves never touch the delicate optical surface on the bottom the your tanks.

Never fumble through stacks of resin tanks again! If you use, or plan to use more of the various resins available for your printer, then this Form1/ Form1+ Resin Tank Storage is a must-have addition!

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