CAM-Source 3D: Encapsulated Lightbulb

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Toying with some ideas utilizing the transparent qualities of the clear resins we've been working with. Once sanded and polished, the possibilities are endless. These are some pictures of this project idea so far. It was designed quickly in AutoDesk 123D Design and printed up on our Form1+. We did the bulb portion i Spot-A clear HT resin and the base was done in the MadeSolid general purpose black resin, both parts printed at the 100 micron setting. Once printing was completed, the bulb portion was sanded with 220, 320, 600, 1200 and finally 2000 grit sandpaper then polished up with all 3 grades of Novus plastic polish with a buffing wheel. The next portion of the project is to run a small LED bulb through a channel I designed in the back of the base, and up into the bottom of the bulb portion which should highlight the bulb further yet.

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