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Help with my new creation!

Hey there Fallout fans! With the upcoming release of what is hopefully going to be a great game I decided to make some badges. There are a few different ones here all based around the Vault-Tec logo. Video of my print is here

  • The first is a simple representation.
  • One with a vault number on (this case 101)
  • A simple outline of the fallout boy image on top of the vault-tec logo.
  • A more detailed image of the fallout boy.
  • If you want a custom number on the vault-tec logo message me when you purchase and I will send you an STL with your 3 digit number on. They are accompanied by my standard magnet and pin holder so that you can attach them to clothes/costumes. The magnets these are based on are found here

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    Dont have your own printer? Or want it in a material you can make? Head to my shapeways shop and order from there!

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