Low Poly Courtney Resting

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Courtney lays here in a peaceful resting pose, inspiring this art piece to mix with the 3D printing technology through the simplicity of a low polygons mesh, bringing up the shape to its most synthesized form.

The piece has been inspired by a life drawing I did a coupe of years ago, where Courtney did this 20 minutes final pose for the evening. The peaceful face expression and the relaxed pose recalls me of resting at the park, which is a very typical thing to do in Canada's city parks, during summer season.  

To see the original sketch, visit  http://morenap.blogspot.ca/2013/07/the-collective-...

Printing info:

Printed with a Ultimaker 1, Diamond Age white PLA

walls: 1.0

speed: 40mm sec

layers 0.2

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