Get Down From There!

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After some file fails, I have success, My biggest hassle was the location, as the lower right corner is the 'cold spot' on my build plate. I ran with rafts on the Family-Fmly file, and  supports were needed for the 'bearing pin' on the cannon barrel. (CannnBBl file) I also reset the text block for a single etruder so all printers can play with some humor.Final product is all 3DXTech ABS, with 130 bed temp and 220C for extrude temp. During the print process, there will seem to be some 'stringing'- not to worry, as these will all bind together as the 2nd row of cannon balls is constructed. Have some fun and Thanks fer the laughs!

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RkHd TextBlkCnn.stl
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Rck HdCnnonwhl.stl
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Rck HdCannnBBl.stl
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RkHdsCFRm .stl
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