UMX Center of Gravity calibrator

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 With the new growth rate for the UMX series of model aircraft, I decided to do a custom build of CG 'checks'   My first run was 2 bases on my new 4mil Kapton Tape, and for the final setting of the bars, to run those with supports on the bottom, as the indicator lines come in very sharp! The UMX bar is in Metric markers, and the Standard as American fractions of inch. There are 3 ways to use this file,the 'bullets' alone, also with a 1/2 millimeter rod pressed into the center of the 'bullet', with is @ Wing's Leading Edge and using the arm for the calibration point for the bird to rest on, or as pictured, with the arm touching the leading edge of the wing, and CG on the 'bullet' My settings are 110 HBP, 225 on the ( ABS) and 40 for the speed. ( I'm not in any particular hurry) with a thin type of ABS Slurry

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