Modified prusa i3 x-carriage with Laser support


See a full description of the project on Sway: I added a J Tech 2.8 Watt Laser Diode to a Sintron Prusa I3. You may find that mounting the Laser 100 MM above the print bed does not allow as fine a laser as you would like. Optimal is 30 MM, but I wanted to mount the Laser higher and allow both laser and 3D printer to work potentially in conjunction. I planned on moving the level sensor to the back of the x-carriage to be more centrally located in the x-y plane to measure the z-axis limit. I have designed a new sensor mount for that purpose which is also attached. Also note that moving the Z-position sensor to the back of the carriage can limit the Z- movement by some amount - depending on your your printer's frame. In my case that was about 15 MM of Z travel that I lost from the top end. It could also affect X-axis travel, again depending on your printer's frame. Last added picture shows laser cut gear made on 1/8 inch thick Bassword. This took 4 passes at the 2 AMP setting at 50% speed and 1 pass at full speed.

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