OpenRC 1:10 RC Differential (Redesigned)

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Edit 2013-04-26: Corrected version of Central Diff plate Rev A.3) uploaded. This is a redesigned version of OpenRC 1:10 RC Differential. New internal gears and lots more minor improvements. The genereal idea was to create sort of a template this time. As you can see, i have attached three different STEP files, one is the front and rear diffs used in the OpenRC Truggy: and one is the central diff for that same car. The third one is a "clean" case and the idea is to provide something you can modd and add your own type of gears to. Here�´s a video on how to assemble this diff: If you have any questions or any other thoughts you want to share please visit the OpenRC Google + community here: Home - Things - GooglePlus - Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Instagram - Vimeo - LinkedIn

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